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Special Issue


Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal is extremely proud to present this special volume on ethical and social issues arising out of the 2016 US presidential election and the Trump administration. The issue includes twelve articles. Some of these articles will be published in an online supplement to the journal within the next few weeks through Johns Hopkins Press. […]

Special Issue: Trump and the 2016 Election

Trump is Gross: Taking Political Taste (and Distaste) Seriously

by Shelley Park  ABSTRACT. This paper advances the somewhat unphilosophical thesis that “Trump is gross” to draw attention to the need to take matters of taste seriously in politics. I begin by exploring the slipperiness of distinctions between aesthetics, epistemology, and ethics, subsequently suggesting that we may need to pivot toward the aesthetic to understand […]

Special Issue: Trump and the 2016 Election

Fake News and Partisan Epistemology

by Regina Rini ABSTRACT. This paper does four things: (1) It provides an analysis of the concept ‘fake news.’ (2) It identifies distinctive epistemic features of social media testimony. (3) It argues that partisanship-in-testimony-reception is not always epistemically vicious; in fact some forms of partisanship are consistent with individual epistemic virtue. (4) It argues that […]

Special Issue: Trump and the 2016 Election

Editorial Note

by Rebecca Kukla  I’m extraordinarily proud and excited to present this special issue of the Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal, which focuses on ethical, social, and political reflections on the 2016 U.S. election and the early days of Donald Trump’s presidency. It is rare for a philosophy journal to take up such a current and […]

Special Issue: Trump and the 2016 Election

Some Comments about Being a Philosopher of Color and the Reasons I Didn’t Write a (Real) Paper for this (Seemingly) Ideal Venue for my Work

by Sean A. Valles ABSTRACT. This special issue conspicuously lacks work by Philosophers of Color (with the exception of this commentary). I have been given this opportunity to discuss the impediments that kept me from submitting my relevant work, offered as a small step toward recognizing the impediments faced by other Philosophers of Color. I […]

Special Issue: Trump and the 2016 Election

The Specter of Authoritarianism

by Andrew J. Pierce ABSTRACT. In this essay, I provide an analysis of the much-discussed authoritarian aspects of Donald Trump’s campaign and early administration. Drawing from both philosophical analyses of authoritarianism and recent work in social science, I focus on three elements of authoritarianism in particular: the authoritarian predispositions of Trump supporters, the scapegoating of racial minorities as […]